September PhyloPizza

Our first PhyloPizza event of the 2015-16 season will take place on Tuesday, September 8, at 5:30pm in the Executive Conference Room of NMNH (ECR). Paul Frandsen will give a talk entitled “Automatic selection of partitioned phylogenetic models on large datasets: a case study with caddisflies (Insecta: Trichoptera)”. Join us! Flier for this event here.


PhyloPizza 2015-16 Schedule

We are pleased to announce the Fall 2015-Spring 2016 PhyloPizza schedule! Please find the text below, and PDF of the flier here. Events will be held the second Tuesday of each month (with one noted exception), beginning at 5:30PM at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Please post & distribute the schedule! We look forward to your attendance.

September 8: Paul Frandsen (SI/OCIO)
October 13: James Mallet (Harvard)
November 10: TBD
December 8: Melanie Hopkins (AMNH)
January 12: Rachel Warnock (NMNH/Paleobiology)
February 9: Vanessa Gonzalez (NMNH/IZ)
March 8: TBD
April 12: Emma Goldberg (U. Minnesota)
May 3*: Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard)
*Note date change
June 14: TBD