The Braun Lab supports SI sustainability

The Braun Lab is concerned not only with species conservation, but with recycling and material sustainability. Postdoc Brian Coyle was part of a team that recently found a way to recycle #5 plastic consumables (tip boxes, etc.) from the molecular lab. Recently, they delivered 450 lbs of plastic to Whole Foods for recycling through Preserve‘s GIMME 5 program! The team made it into a recent issue of the SI Sustainability newsletter.


December PhyloPizza

Our next PhyloPizza event will take place on Tuesday, December 9, at 5:30pm in the Vertebrate Zoology seminar room of NMNH (WG-33). Ashley Egan will give a talk entitled “Dating the Origins of Polyploidy Events: Evidence from Soybean and Allies”. Join us! Keep up to date with future events here. Flier for this event here.


Red Siskin Conservation Planning Workshop

Michael Braun and Kathryn Rodriguez-Clark participated in the Red Siskin Conservation Planning Workshop at Parque Zoologico y Botanico Barrarida (PZBB) during the week of November 16, 2014.  Mike was joined by Robert Rice, Director of the SMBC Bird Friendly Coffee program, and Warren Lynch, SCBI avian breeding expert, as well as 40+ participants from Venezuela to advance plans for captive breeding, education and outreach, field research and reintroduction to shade coffee farms.  PZBB is located in Lara state where the Red Siskin, known as el Cardenalito in Venezuela, is the official bird.  Attention from the media and strong outreach by Venezuelan team members, especially PZBB and Provita, are helping to build support for conservation of the Red Siskin and protection of biodiversity in general. More information here!


Kathryn Rodriguez-Clark and Mike Braun working for Red Siskin conservation!

A new publication for HC!

Congratulations to postdoc HC Lim on a recent publication in the journal, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. The paper is entitled “Distribution and prey of migratory songbirds on the northern coastline of Singapore,” and a PDF of it can be found here.